Capitalism Translations




Slap it on a wall;

watch it fall.


These memes are nonpartisan. They seek to find allies in the storm; to label our reasoning properly, to admit why humans do the things that we do, and the lens through which we pay attention and view success.

The images we most associate with success are fed to us through demographic advertising--the most visible form of commodified culture and the underwriter of all media. This is the same corporate media who handed a dangerous man billions of dollars worth of air time to become president out of their own self interest.

#because memes seek to reroute our attention; to relabel and redress what is considered successful by reclaiming and re-contextualizing digital and physical space, revealing truth rather than merely managing perception.

The goals are to start an honest conversation; challenge our perceptions of success; understand how our lives are re-routed through the lens of capitalism; and to make visible the need of all humans to become truly successful through equitable economic, political and social systems.


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